Experts point out that opening a gambling business is not as difficult as many people assume, you just need to study the issue well, to promote the market and make a firm decision. Only after that is worth starting a new business. Otherwise, it may turn out as follows: having opened the site and registered the company, its owner understands that this business he does not like, and the funds invested in vain.

This situation is unacceptable, the organization of gambling business from scratch (making a business plan for the opening of the gaming room), along with its subtleties and nuances should bring joy and pleasure. And to make it easier to do your favorite thing, you can make a list of necessary actions.

1. Gambling market monitoring

Today, a lot of new online casino sites have appeared on the Internet, and all of them were opened with one goal – to get as much income as possible. However, not all gambling establishments are organized by professionals, so they have many shortcomings. You should pay attention to literally all the services and functionality: games, payment systems, technical support.

In addition, competitors’ institutions will tell you how to do, and how not – if you go to the forum reviews, where customers share their impressions of the site, games, professionals. However, you should not copy all the services from competitors’ sites, because each resource is made for a certain circle of players.

So you yourself should know for whom your online casino site is intended, and what customers will expect from it. For example, it is very important to know which regions will be your potential players, and what games they prefer.

And one last thing. Monitoring of the gambling market can be entrusted to specialists – a marketing company engaged in industry analysis.

2. Obtaining a license for gambling activities

To organize a gambling business from scratch is to start with documents to make the work legal. The most important document is undoubtedly the license to conduct gambling activities.

Experts advise to purchase this document in offshore zones, where taxes on income from gambling business are minimal and the legislation is loyal to it. However, a license is issued by these jurisdictions on the condition that one of the founders is a resident of this country, and if all work of the new online casino will be carried out according to its rules and comply with its laws.

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for casino owners: Malta has some and the Isle of Man has others, they should be studied and taken into account all the nuances.

Online casinos, which have a gaming license, do not cause fear to players, are respected, this document is the guarantor of the legal principle and integrity of the institution.


Service Price

Deadline for receipt

Tax rate


  • Submission of application – 2.3 thousand euros

  • License fee – 25 thousand euro

  • Service extension – 1.5 thousand euro

  • The minimum annual contribution is 15 thousand euros

3-6 months


Costa Rica

  • Approval is $40,000.
  • Extension of the service – 10 thousand dollars

1 month



  • Price of registration – 40 thousand dollars
  • License extension – $20,000

2 months


3. Domain registration

Domain – is the name of your site and brand of your online casino, the name should be sound and easy to perceive, and the brand – pleasant to pronounce. You can register a domain quickly enough, the main thing – to come up with a short name that includes elements of the brand of the new institution.

4. Software

Internet casino software is of great importance, as it is the only one that makes all functions work, including rotating slot drums and roulette wheels, transaction processing and support feedback.

That’s why the software should be of high quality and guarantee the clear and safe operation of the casino. Trust the development of software is better specialists with experience and knowledge of all the details of this case.

It is not necessary to accept cheap offers, agreeing to establish not checked up products, after all it can lead to errors, infringements and failures, and the casino can even simply not open. After all, you will have to do it all over again and give extra money for it.

There is a very good way out: buy or order the original software from the developer company. Here it is necessary to make a mistake: far not all of them make such software which will suit you, therefore to choose very carefully and attentively. So, it is worth to know:

  • How many years has the company been on the market.
  • How many games are in its arsenal.
  • What do players and partners say about it.
  • Which companies it works with.

5. Website development

Gaming sites appear on the Internet almost every month, each of them has its own interface, a set of games, payment systems. It seems that all of them are built in the same way, but any owner of an online casino wants to have its original resource.
You can highlight the main aspects of each particular site:

Design. The appearance of any site should not be screaming or very bright. Colors, fonts and number of images should be made in the same style. All that is on the site, should attract the player to come here more than once.

Matching functions. Functionality of each site speaks about its clear and high-quality work. So, the registration button should open a form for entering data, the payment button – accept funds, and so on.

The number and types of games. Games can be a lot, but it does not mean that the site will seek a huge number of players. It is important that you know what games are the most popular for your audience.

Chips. The site can be beautiful, stylish, functional, but that’s not all. To really attract visitors, you need to make it something unique – maybe a new button “Play” or an original call to action, some curious slogan. You don’t have to invent it yourself – you can sign a contract with copywriters or other professionals who will make it better than you.

Starting gambling business from scratch, it is worth asking about companies that are developing such sites (for online casinos), as well as get customer feedback on these companies.

In addition, contacting experts, you should learn all the nuances of integrating games on the resource, because not always, when installing programs, we click “OK”, there are cases when this task is really difficult to cope with.

6. Hosting

The choice of hosting is also important, as it stores databases on the security of which depends on the entire content of online casinos. On hosting is not worth saving, it is better to immediately contact reputable companies, formally conclude a contract with them and use their hosting.

Specialists advise to buy a separate own hosting, which guarantees complete security databases. In this case, your institution will not be afraid of hacking, viruses, or data theft.

7. Systems for making payments

With the help of payment systems, players replenish their deposits and make bets, and thanks to these funds online casinos get income. That is why the quality of payment systems plays such a big role for business owners.

In addition, casino visitors win some money, and then withdraw it with the help of this equipment. And if any failure occurs, the reputation of the institution can be seriously damaged, and then for a very long time to “launder” from bad fame.

Specialists recommend to integrate into the site as many payment systems as possible, because some players may have only one purse, and it may not be on your site.

8. Security

Organizing a gambling business in Russia or any other country can be quick and easy if you are helped by a good developer company, but anything created with such patience and persistence can be exposed to spam or fraud. Bonuses offered by any casino can be a means of additional earnings for dishonest users, especially since the new site usually attracts attention during its promotion, and scammers hunting can take advantage of the opportunity.

Thus, online casinos usually offers bonuses to newcomers, if they register on the site, or bonus for the first deposit. Let it be small money, but if one person registers on ten sites, the amount will be attractive. In addition, a person can come to the site several times under different names and from different addresses, borrowing a passport from a friend.

To avoid such cases, you can conclude a contract with specialists who produce specialized security systems, or look for another way out. The main thing is to keep in mind the probability of such cases.

9. Technical specialists

The team must have really professional technicians who know the answers to all the questions concerning the work of online casinos. In addition, they must be polite, knowledgeable and friendly.

Any player who has received unqualified advice or heard the rudeness of the technical support office, will never come to this site again. They can also share their impressions with their friends, who are also fond of casino games, and write unflattering comments on the pages of the forum.

  • Competence.
  • Courtesy.
  • Quickness of answers.
  • Availability at any time of day or night.

It is especially important that a specialist can answer questions about payment transfers, withdrawal of funds, replenishment of deposit as easily as possible. In this case, his skilled help will leave a good impression on the user, and he will come again and again to play on your site.

Friendly attitude to the players and clear answers will make it clear to the user that he is always expected and will not be left without attention. Internet casino will be his favorite institution, which will be respected and will earn a good reputation.

10. Internet casino promotion

To organize a gaming business is just the beginning of the business, no less important is the issue of its promotion in the market. After all, if the casino is working, it should bring income, which means that his site should come to the maximum number of users.

This will only happen when the new institution will learn a lot of people who are passionate about gambling. To make this happen, the owner just need to instruct their managers to deal with the promotion of the casino.

To do this today, there are many ways – it is conducting groups in social networks with the maximum involvement of participants, as well as proven marketing moves invented by specialists of advertising companies. Will help to promote and affiliate programs, which are very much on the Internet, you just need to set a goal, and even keep track of various new innovative solutions offered by well-known operators.

Summing up

We have tried to describe in as much detail as possible the main stages of the launch of the gambling project by our own efforts. It is worth noting that the start from scratch is the most expensive form of starting a business.

We offer an advantageous alternative – online casino turnkey. Having ordered the service, you will no longer have to worry about solving such issues as legalization of business, conclusion of contracts with suppliers of software, organization of technical support and promotion of the project. We are ready to take on all these stages of work.